MRMC — Philips Carousel for Cinema Making Of from Mark Roberts Motion Control on Vimeo.

(Featuring the MRMC Manufactured MILO Rig)

The Milo was used in three separate areas of the location, one exterior, and two interiors on different floors. On the first shoot day the Milo was set up and shot the reception interior then it was dismantled and moved outside and reassembled for the exterior shot. Once this was completed the Milo was again broken down and rebuilt for the interior corridor shot on day two.

The whole sequence was successfully shot in two days at Barrandov Studios in Prague

(From Philips)
In 2009, Philips TV brought you the award-winning short film, Carousel.

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After a huge amount of attention for the interactive film Carousel, Tribal DDB Amsterdam and Stink Digital have created the definitive making of. Find out how they captured one frozen time tracking shot lasting exactly 2 minutes 19 seconds. See the film Carousel in all its glory at